Youtube videos as nursing study tools

Other games are more topic-specific and geared toward learning. What better way to get an older person to play online games than through a group they can identify with? At the last Games for Health conference, a version of this popular video game was unveiled that was designed to aid arm rehabilitation, and Ben Heckdorn designed a hack for Guitar Hero that enables amputee and stroke victim rehabilitation.

In the process, you can memorize and learn the name, location and function of more than muscles, bones, nearly 60 organs, named nerves and named blood vessels, and dozens of joints in the human body. Nurses and nursing students will definitely be able to relate to this video, as it shows that all nurses who try their best to succeed will really reach their goals.

7 Trending Medical YouTube Channels to Help You Study

Icky, gooey and messy, players race around the board as they catch diseases and try to be cured. Oxygenation of the Respiratory System for Nursing [Video file]. It provides the option to stop each video and challenge students to predict the outcome of a demonstration, and elaborate on, or debate a point of historical reference.

Therapists hope the actions will help patients with burns on their hands, arms and shoulders regain fine-motor control. I started using it during my last semester of school.

While many of the topics on the site must be purchased, portions of the cardiovascular tutorial are free.

Nursing Videos

Open to members of the medical and health professions, the WMHG are an occasion for all those who work in the world of Health, whatever their level, to meet up in a warm and friendly atmosphere while practicing their favorite sport s.

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12 Must Have NCLEX® Study Tools (4 are FREE)

Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment Cost: The first Zyked product is an innovative Internet- and mobile service currently in Alpha testing. Lady Gaga Telephone Parody in Hospital. New health games based upon the popular Jeopardy game are beginning to gain momentum among students, as they learn while having fun.

15 Funniest YouTube Videos for Nurses

My goal was to achieve a level 8 on all areas prior to taking the. But, this tool already has gained the interest of the health community as a possible tool for ensuring maximum health benefits for patients and possible for staff as well! Nursing students never say the things they really want to say.

Most of the videos he uploads are targeted to other medical students and healthcare provides FREE NCLEX reviews, skills, school tips, & career help for students and nurses.

This is a collection of videos on how to study for classes in nursing school and Views: K. The Benefits of Using Educational Video in The Classroom Teachers Using subtitled video as a teaching aid in the classroom gain many benefits including greater student interest and.

The Benefits of Using Educational Video in The Classroom» Blog» Study Hacks» 12 Must Have NCLEX® Study Tools (4 are FREE) Ahh. If you are a visual learner and want concise nursing related videos head over to our YouTube Channel here or click Jon started NRSNG in with a desire to provide tools and confidence to nursing students around the globe.

When he's not busting out. At Simple Nursing, we understand the complexities of the nursing school curriculum. That is why we are committed to helping you achieve your goal of becoming a nurse. Our team of Nursing and Medical professionals have created the most innovative programs, videos and study tools available, to simplify your study time and make your goals a reality. provides FREE NCLEX reviews, skills, school tips, & career help for students and nurses. This is a collection of videos on how to study for classes in nursing school and.

Nursing videos on how to perform nursing skills and educated nursing student and nurses about the nursing Please help us spread the word about our free website and free YouTube videos!

We want to help nurses and nursing students succeed. Nursing School Tips – Get tips to help you study in nursing school, get organized, cope with.

Youtube videos as nursing study tools
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